Society Management ERP

Real estate sector is the fastest growing sector in today’s date. Residential apartments are a boom in the sector. Managing the apartments is a big challenge for the owners, management committee members as well as residents of the apartments. An ERP can help in reducing manpower as well as lower the use of paperwork. In a matter of clicks, you can view and manage various departments involved in managing a society starting from accounts section to parking management.

Benefits of using a Society Management ERP:

  • Visitor/ Gate Management: Society management ERP helps in managing all the visitor records. It can track details of internal as well as external visitors who visit the apartments.
  • Staff Management: Manage the record of all the staffs of any departments seamlessly with the help of ERP software without any paper work or maintaining any register.
  • Maintenance Management: Maintenance related to power backup, water, electricity can be tracked under one platform. Online payment integration can also be done to pay the bills of the services.
  • Facility Management:Whether it may be space availability for any events or knowing the status of availability of any halls, track each and every detail of the facilities provided at a single click with the help of ERP.
  • Parking Management: Keeping a track record of all the vehicles of the resident as well as vehicles of external visitors is a challenging task, Society management ERP helps in tracking record of internal and external vehicles seamlessly without any hassle.
  • Notice Board Management: Manage and send notifications regarding any common information, events, puja celebrations etc to all residents of the apartment with the help of a society management ERP.
  • Flat Management: Maintaining a record of floor or building wise flats. Owner of the flat, Staff associated with the flat etc can be managed easily with the help of an ERP.
  • Complaint Management:Managing and checking the status of any complaint received from a flat owner can be tracked very easily with the help of a society management ERP.
  • Inventory Management: Managing and updating records of all the items required in day to day activities in a residential apartment can be hectic. Society management ERP makes it easier to track the items under a single platform reducing use of manpower.
  • Accounts Management: Maintaining Ledger, Sub Ledger, Balance sheet is a much simpler process with the help of society management ERP software. One can also track the payments made or upcoming payments to be done related to any services.

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